Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bath Time Essentials| Review

My Bath Time Essentials 

When i run a bath i purposely run one to relax and wind down from a busy day at work or just running around so here a few of my bath time essentials.

Lush Turkish Delight shower smoothie: This shower smoothie is full of cocoa butter and almond oil to nourish your skin and make it so soft as well as leaving your body feeling fully cleansed.

Avon Moroccan Argan oil: Any shampoo with moroccan argan oil in is just a bliss, but recently i've been loving this one from avon. It leaves your hair soft and nourished also it gets rid of that 'raggy' feeling.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub: This body scrub leaves your body smooth and feeling new, the smell just tops of the product a sweet smell with a sense of nutty smell in there. Honestly get yourselves down to boots to smell this its amazing.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Body Milk: After a good bath you need to apply a good moisturiser to keep your skin moisturised and replenished. This moisturiser is the most nourishing moisturiser i've ever had and the smell just tops it off it reminds me of breakfast "it makes me want to eat it" obviously you can't eat it as it wouldn't taste very nice and could harm you.

Starlytes Candle: Finally you can't have a relaxing bath without a candle, this one is starlytes candle in vanilla cupcake the starlytes candles are made from soya and are such a nice smell this was £5.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Favourite Iphone apps| lifestyle

Being constantly on the go my Iphone apps are like heaven to me as i don't have much time on my laptop anymore with constantly commuting to work or having a busy weekend. My iphone is my saviour, so I thought i would do a blog post on my favourite iphone apps to show you what i use on a daily basis.

Firstly theirs Blogger, as i don't get to go on my laptop very much anymore due to my job i do most of my blogging from my phone and edit it when i get back as quickly as i can. I travel an hour and a half every day to work and back so i have a lot of free time to get all my blogging done and write down my blogging ideas. So if your constantly on the go like me i suggest you get the blogger app as its just so much easier.

If your like me and constantly love taking pictures of memories or just pretty scenery or objects then instagram is the best app for you (even thought most of the population have it already) but if you don't then i guarantee it will be the best download you make all year and to top it off its FREE! If you would like to follow my instagram its @laurenread1995

I remember the days when twitter wasn't cool and nobody really had it but now it seems like everyone's tweeting and mainly from their phones. I prefer the app to the laptop version as i just find it easier to use, so i'm constantly checking twitter while on my phone. If you would like to follow my twitter its @Lauren_Read i'd love to follow some new twitters and especially blogger ones

Next is pinterest, i love this app to look for photography inspiration and to just look at some really pretty pictures most of the time. I also look for tattoo ideas as i'm planning my next tattoo and they have a lot of photos of tattoos so it can give you some great ideas to make.

We heart is the last of my favourite apps, this is just like pinterest but it has different pictures so if you want apps to look at pretty pictures or give you ideas then we heart it and pinterest are the apps for you.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

10 facts about me | Personal

1. I am slightly obsessed with penguins to the point where if anything is on the tv about them my friends will text me to tell me.. and on the time of christmas eve where i sat and cried because the sea lion ate the penguin i was traumatized and yes my friends think im weird :)

2. I have to many phobias... lifts, lorries, the sea, fish, pigeons, flying, heights, ball sports, mosh pits!! and it goes on..

3. Demi Lovato is my role model. She has been through so much and is still fighting and being strong it helps me keep strong when im down.

4. I hvae a huge crush on Finn  (nico mirallegro) from my mad fat diary.. he is justperfect in everywway!

5. I live in primark

6. Im probably the worst driver.. but im pretty awsome at parking and im still learning after a year an half!!

7. I will only ever eat cereals at night

8. if i like a song i will replay it over and over again till i dont like it anymore

9. once me and my friend went to leeds and had this day all set out to look all the way round it,.. instead we got drunk in the pub ha

10. i have four favgourite films: Bugsy Malone, Star wars episode 2, Back to the future and P.S i love you 

So thats 10 facts about me for you to get to know me a little bit more, i'd like to get to you too so if you want to to do the post comment the link below and i will read it :) 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bath Time: Favourite bath goodies

we all love a good bath dont we? well i certainly do, its my favourite time of the day. a time to wine down and relax and as always i have a few favourite goodies i like to make my bath time experience even better.

First of all there is the comforter bubble bar, this not only smells amazing its a really relaxing time and perfect for wining down after a busy day at work. I've tried other lush bubble bars but this is the one for me as its just perfect for my bath time.

Clean on me shower gel, This is my go to shower gel its convenient and smells fab also its not too pricey 

Smoothie Star body milk, this moisturiser smells fricking fabulous it even says on the side of the bottle warning this is not food, because its smells like i could just eat it, and it leaves your skin so soft and hydrated also it doesn't take ages to soak in to your skin.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

18th Birthday: Presents haul

So it was my Birthday on the 4th of January and yes i became 18!! been waiting so long for this and now its over :( but anyway i had a brilliant birthday got some amazing stuff and had a weekend away in Edinburgh which was amazing (dont worry blog post coming soon) so here a few things i got for my birthday from family and friends :) including the key above my mum loves getting things like that

Just a photo frame from my mum and dad as well as the 18 key above just so i could open something on my birthday as my present was my weekend away they also gave me some money

Lee Stafford my wavy baby hair kit, i use to love curling my hair then my curlers broke, so my cousin bought me this new curler which is amazing

Natural collection gift set which my best friend Luke bought me it comes which a body cream, shower cream, body spray and 2 face masks will definitely be using the face masks after work tomorrow

So i got this amazing lush think pink gift set from my amazing friends so heres whats inside from the top

bubblegum lip scrub
fairtrade foot lotion
turkish delight shower smoothie
the comforter bubble bar
rockstar soap
rose jam bubbleroon
creamy candy bubble bar
the godmother soap
melting marshmallow moment bat melt
sex bomb bath ballistic
rose queen bath ballistic
twilight bath ballistic
think pink bath ballistic
helping hands hand cream

hope you all had an amazing Christmas break!