Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bath Time: Favourite bath goodies

we all love a good bath dont we? well i certainly do, its my favourite time of the day. a time to wine down and relax and as always i have a few favourite goodies i like to make my bath time experience even better.

First of all there is the comforter bubble bar, this not only smells amazing its a really relaxing time and perfect for wining down after a busy day at work. I've tried other lush bubble bars but this is the one for me as its just perfect for my bath time.

Clean on me shower gel, This is my go to shower gel its convenient and smells fab also its not too pricey 

Smoothie Star body milk, this moisturiser smells fricking fabulous it even says on the side of the bottle warning this is not food, because its smells like i could just eat it, and it leaves your skin so soft and hydrated also it doesn't take ages to soak in to your skin.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

18th Birthday: Presents haul

So it was my Birthday on the 4th of January and yes i became 18!! been waiting so long for this and now its over :( but anyway i had a brilliant birthday got some amazing stuff and had a weekend away in Edinburgh which was amazing (dont worry blog post coming soon) so here a few things i got for my birthday from family and friends :) including the key above my mum loves getting things like that

Just a photo frame from my mum and dad as well as the 18 key above just so i could open something on my birthday as my present was my weekend away they also gave me some money

Lee Stafford my wavy baby hair kit, i use to love curling my hair then my curlers broke, so my cousin bought me this new curler which is amazing

Natural collection gift set which my best friend Luke bought me it comes which a body cream, shower cream, body spray and 2 face masks will definitely be using the face masks after work tomorrow

So i got this amazing lush think pink gift set from my amazing friends so heres whats inside from the top

bubblegum lip scrub
fairtrade foot lotion
turkish delight shower smoothie
the comforter bubble bar
rockstar soap
rose jam bubbleroon
creamy candy bubble bar
the godmother soap
melting marshmallow moment bat melt
sex bomb bath ballistic
rose queen bath ballistic
twilight bath ballistic
think pink bath ballistic
helping hands hand cream

hope you all had an amazing Christmas break!