Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauty vs Brains tag

What is your Favourite book?

my favourite book has to be the hunger games atm as it is a dramatic love story rather than just the lovey dovey stuff ha, but i also love the angus thongs and full frontal snogging books as they are just a good read and they are so funny and in ways you can relate to them if your a teenager or look back and your teenage years.

What motto's do you like saying a lot?

I don't really have a motto that i say a lot

which do you prefer maths or english?

to be honest i would say maths as i am good with algebra and most of maths education is to do with algebra so i was good at that plus i liked my teacher and i hated my english teacher 

which do you prefer science or art?

this is a hard one because i hated science with a passion but i wasn't very good at art so i would say neither they are both the same for me

Name 5 album's/musical artists that have changed your life?

Demi lovato and her unbroken albumn, pink, adele, rihanna and the beatles

what were your favourtite and least favourite subjects at school?

favourite in my last two years at school was RE as i really liked the teacher and had a more understanding of religion and enjoyed the lesson. My least favourite subject was science as i could never understand it.

who is your favourite celebrity with a brain?

it has to be stephen fry as he seems to know everything and he is also dyslexic so it shows that people with dyslexia can overcome this and it does not make you 'dumb' if you have it.

what is your nerdy little secret?

i dont really have a 'nerdy' little secret other than i am obsessed with doctor who i love the show and i am so excited that it has come back on :)

who are your favourtie beauty/fashion gurus whom you admire more for than just their beauty/fashions sense?

I have loads but i will name just the top few: zoella, sprinkle of glitter, beauty crush and away with the fairies

if you could study anything, anywhere, what and where would you study?

well right now im studying health and social care, so after that i want to and study a nursing degree at sheffield hallam university or nottingham universty

if your blog wasnt about beauty/fashion, what would it be about?

it would probably be a lifestyle blog and me rambling about everything ha

name something you are obsessed with that other people would find nerdy?

doctor who, my friend always calls me a nerd because if im out i will call my mum and be like 'make sure you record doctor who'

who will you tag?

I tag everyone who reads this :)


  1. Go to Nottingham!! I go there and one of my besties is a student nurse. You'll love it xxxx

  2. ahh thankyou, i went to the open day and really liked it but still choosing whether to stay home or move and if i get in so much decisions haha xxx