Wednesday, 11 July 2012

whats in my bag??

the whats in my bag tag----

this is everything in my bag, basically use this everywhere college, work or just for a shopping trip. to start with i have my purse of course cant go any where with out your purse haha. then i have my umbrella because England always rains :'( so need to carry just in case. then my geeky glasses haha cant go to college and then not be able to see my work i did that once actually and all my friends had to read to me was hilarious. then my perfume which is paco robanne lady million just for touch up. then my deodorant cant go around smelling of BO can i haha. then i have a few of my make up just so i can touch up while on the go and finally my earphones i travel a lot to town as im quite far out from my local town so need these to get by haha

comment on whats in your bad and do a whats in your bag yourself and i'll look at it :)


Sunday, 8 July 2012

How to fake tan: Fake tanning tips

yes, we have all had our bad fake tanning memories but over the past few years i have come up with which is my best ways of avoiding the situation, so here are my fake tanning tips.

1: always exfoliate!! this is very important as this removes all dead skin which could case streaks.  i advise to use some exfoliating gloves and just a shower gel will do the trick but if you would like to get an exfoliating body wash go ahead :)

2: moisturize specific try spots like elbows, knees the crease of the fingers and the knuckles. nobody likes a streaky elbow do they? so by moisturizing these places will reduce the risk. ohh that sounds fancy haha 

3: use a mitt: this doesn't just stop your hands getting that horrible orange/green colour from applying the fake tan it also helps apply the fake tan more smoothly. i advise use a 3 in 1 mitt i personally use the solkiss 3 in 1 applicator mitt this has a exfoliating side where you can rub of any excess dead skin, the applicator where you apply the fake tan and buffer where you can buff off any excess fake tan, this also comes with a pair of gloves which are handy.

4: use a fake tan which the colour goes straight on this shows you if you have any streaks which you can then correct later on. the fake tans i use which are good for this are, st.moriz lotion or mouse and the sun-kissed mouse

5: finally once the fake tan is applied do not apply your clothes until the fake tan is completely dry, normally fake tans dry quite quickly now so you do not have to wait a long time.