Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Satchel

This season Satchels are everywhere, so i thought i would do a blog post on them.

So where did this craze come from? well basically in 2008 Julie Deane and her mother decided to start making the satchels and were originally aimed at school children, then unexpectedly became the most wanted fashion accessory!

These are a few of my favorite from the website, they are also a lot of collections to choose from. These bags are priced roughly £105.00 but that can change on the collection you choose.

The website:

So since everyone was going crazy for these satchels the high street have done their interpretation of the satchel and here are a few of my favorites from the high street

These satchels are not real leather and wont be as good quality but as satchels go i think these are the best you can get different patterns or just the original leather look, and if you dont wont to spend all out on £105.00 these will defiantly be in your price range.

Starting from left to right:
Top row:
1: £48.99 - new look
2: £19.99 - new look
3: £19.99 - new look

Bottom row:
4: £14.99 - new look
5: £44.99 - new look
6: £17.99 - ebay

So what do you think of this seasons most wanted fashion accessory? do you think the high street have done good interpretations of it? comment below :)



  1. They are so cute!! And they have an amazing story behind them, have you seen the google plus advert??

    Great blog hun, i'm now following!


  2. Those Cambridge satchels are to die for! I've been on the hunt for a cute satchel, and this post was really helpful! :)