Thursday, 1 November 2012

Elemis Fresh skin | REVIEW

So i went into superdrug a few weeks ago and there was this lovely lady who offered me some samples and information in the Elemis fresh skin which was launched in 2011 and now superdrug are providing it. The fresh skin range is aimed at teens to mind twenties as we do have such a busy and stressful life our skin isnt always in the best condition , so that's what they did made a skincare range aimed at us!  all the products are formulated with raw ingredients to do just the job.

I haven't tried them all yet but last night i tried the peachy perfect gentle facial wash, deep cleanse purifying face mask and the softly softly daily moisturiser.

Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash
This facial wash is Gentle and not over powering its a clear gel and then when you wash your face it lathers up. It makes your face soft and feels really clean (obviously (; haha) not much else to say on this it does its job and i will defiantly purchase the full size which is £12.00.

Deep Cleanse Purifying face mask
I really loved this face mask, it did my skin wonders and really cleansed it my skin has been in bad condition for a week now since I've been busy and stressed also had a long night out which didn't do it wonders, so this face mask which is fulled with natural clay's  goji berry extract and frankincense oil which draws out impurities also has vitamin E in which softens the skin this really did work and i will be repurchasing these.

Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 
I wish i liked this but the smell is too overpowering and i had too wash it off and apply my normal moisturiser, it just smells of old peoples perfume to me to floral and overpowering  other people may like the smell but i hated it and wont be purchasing it.

Why do I wear Make up?| TAG

I saw this tag on live laugh lipstick blog and I love doing tag posts as there fun and easy to do. I tag everyone so if you do this tag comment below and I can read them :) 

When did you begin to love make-up??
well I first started to wear make-up when I was about 12 I think but I only started to wear it because everyone else was. I started to appreciate make-up when I was about 15/16 as my skin wasn't in great condition, I loved the fact it could just make your face look good in a matter of minutes. I got obsessed with trying new products and reading about them and then I made my blog.

How do you feel without make-up??
recently I actually don't mind not wearing make-up, I just felt like I need to be okay with my body and if you've read my more personal post you know I've struggled with being okay with my body over the past few years ( so I just thought I would try and be more comfortable with my body and by me not feeling okay without make-up then I'm not and I'm not saying that is for everyone its just how I feel. So I don't mind going out without make-up but i do love make-up and doing it so that is why i use it. but when I was younger I would never leave my room or the house without it and i felt it was unhealthy for me

What do you like about make-up??
I like that you can change your look by just doing your make-up different. or how your make-up can jut make your outfit. it can also make you feel more confident.

Three holy grail items
Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation: I love this foundation as i work in a bakery and when I go to college my foundation always comes off, but this one stays on and still looks like how it was when I first put it on
Sleek Blush in rose gold: This blush is so pigmented and has such a great colour to it which just makes your cheeks pop out.
Rimmel eye brow pencil: any eyebrow pencil really I just love my eyebrows being full and having shape to them so I love the Rimmel one as its easy to apply and has a little brush on the end to make your eyebrows look perfect.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Guess where I've been....Yes its lush and the Christmas stock has arrived so i got a few things :))

The magic wand re-usable bubble bar. this bubble bar is amazing not only does it smell amazing but it makes your bath look amazing. you just move the bubble bar round a running bath and you watch the bubbles form and your bath turn pink. The smell reminds me of snowfairy which is a plus.

Party popper bath ballistic: i haven't used this yet so i cant give a great review but i can say it smells amazing if you like sweet and fruity smells this is for you

Snow fairy shower gel: This shower gel is my favorite of them all it smells amazing and has ting little glitter in it which makes you sparkle on a night out (not too much don't worry) but if you don't like glitter at all then this is probably not the one for you.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Satchel

This season Satchels are everywhere, so i thought i would do a blog post on them.

So where did this craze come from? well basically in 2008 Julie Deane and her mother decided to start making the satchels and were originally aimed at school children, then unexpectedly became the most wanted fashion accessory!

These are a few of my favorite from the website, they are also a lot of collections to choose from. These bags are priced roughly £105.00 but that can change on the collection you choose.

The website:

So since everyone was going crazy for these satchels the high street have done their interpretation of the satchel and here are a few of my favorites from the high street

These satchels are not real leather and wont be as good quality but as satchels go i think these are the best you can get different patterns or just the original leather look, and if you dont wont to spend all out on £105.00 these will defiantly be in your price range.

Starting from left to right:
Top row:
1: £48.99 - new look
2: £19.99 - new look
3: £19.99 - new look

Bottom row:
4: £14.99 - new look
5: £44.99 - new look
6: £17.99 - ebay

So what do you think of this seasons most wanted fashion accessory? do you think the high street have done good interpretations of it? comment below :)


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauty vs Brains tag

What is your Favourite book?

my favourite book has to be the hunger games atm as it is a dramatic love story rather than just the lovey dovey stuff ha, but i also love the angus thongs and full frontal snogging books as they are just a good read and they are so funny and in ways you can relate to them if your a teenager or look back and your teenage years.

What motto's do you like saying a lot?

I don't really have a motto that i say a lot

which do you prefer maths or english?

to be honest i would say maths as i am good with algebra and most of maths education is to do with algebra so i was good at that plus i liked my teacher and i hated my english teacher 

which do you prefer science or art?

this is a hard one because i hated science with a passion but i wasn't very good at art so i would say neither they are both the same for me

Name 5 album's/musical artists that have changed your life?

Demi lovato and her unbroken albumn, pink, adele, rihanna and the beatles

what were your favourtite and least favourite subjects at school?

favourite in my last two years at school was RE as i really liked the teacher and had a more understanding of religion and enjoyed the lesson. My least favourite subject was science as i could never understand it.

who is your favourite celebrity with a brain?

it has to be stephen fry as he seems to know everything and he is also dyslexic so it shows that people with dyslexia can overcome this and it does not make you 'dumb' if you have it.

what is your nerdy little secret?

i dont really have a 'nerdy' little secret other than i am obsessed with doctor who i love the show and i am so excited that it has come back on :)

who are your favourtie beauty/fashion gurus whom you admire more for than just their beauty/fashions sense?

I have loads but i will name just the top few: zoella, sprinkle of glitter, beauty crush and away with the fairies

if you could study anything, anywhere, what and where would you study?

well right now im studying health and social care, so after that i want to and study a nursing degree at sheffield hallam university or nottingham universty

if your blog wasnt about beauty/fashion, what would it be about?

it would probably be a lifestyle blog and me rambling about everything ha

name something you are obsessed with that other people would find nerdy?

doctor who, my friend always calls me a nerd because if im out i will call my mum and be like 'make sure you record doctor who'

who will you tag?

I tag everyone who reads this :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

advertise/ Button swaps

as you know their are some buttons down on my side bar called my favourite blogs i am willing to put more buttons on their and will do a clear every 2 months or so to get new blogs up their.

if you would like to swap buttons just comment on this post or email me


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

all about me tag

hey guys thought i'd  do this tag Rose et Belle did hope you like it :) tag everyone post yours on comments :)

1.Play any sports? nope im not really sporty haha
2.Favorite color? coral or black
3. Favorite thing(s) to do? shop, hang out with my friends, blog and make videos
4. Favorite food? chilli con carne 
5. College yet? yes :)
6. Favorite book(s)? ??? hunger games, look magazines and company magazines
7. What do u draw when u doodle? flowers
8. Have a talent? not really
9. Favorite splurge item? dont really know
10. A secret no one knows? then it wont be a secret :)
11.Favorite drink? fanta
12. What do u spend most of ur time doing? youtube, blogging 
13. Favorite movie? i have a few bugsy malone, the notebook, the hunger games
14. Favorite candy? most of them
15. Favorite singer? demi lovato
16. Favorite ice cream?  mint choc 
17. Got any advice to share? be yourself and dont bother what other people think even thought its harder than just doing it
18. Favorite beauty product? my boots botanic cleanser and toner

autumn wish list :)

so its coming up to autumn and i'll be starting my second year of college in less than 2 weeks, so i thought i'd do a clothing wish list as i want some new clothes and shoes for it :) its gonna go from top left to right then bottom left to right

1: side studded leggings: topshop £28.00
2.Farisle hat: topshop £14.00
3.khaki cross print tank top: new look £14.00
4.coolway leather hiking boots:: new look £39.99
5.khaki see no evil skull vest: new look £9.99
6.coolway black malvina knitted panel leather boots: new look £39.99

so thats my wish list unfortunatly i dont have enough money yet to buy all these :'( but hopefull will be purchasing some in a few weeks (fingers crossed)

tell me what you think :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

get ready with me: everyday makeup

my everyday makeup routine if im going to college, work or just popping to the shops :)

Foundation: rimmel lasting foundation 25 hour in colour soft beige 200
concealer: natural collection in light
highlight: technics
bronzer: 3 pallete by technics
eyebrows: rimmel eye pencil in black/brown
eyes: rimmel volume flash scandalous eyes in black waterproof
lips: MUA in colour juicy shad 15

sorry for how shiny i look and that you can hardly see the colour its the sunlight :(

instagram: laurenread0495
twitter: Lauren_Read
i'll try to follow everyone back :)

outfit of the day video :)

hey guys i thought i'd do a quick video of my outfit of the day hope you like it :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

whats in my bag??

the whats in my bag tag----

this is everything in my bag, basically use this everywhere college, work or just for a shopping trip. to start with i have my purse of course cant go any where with out your purse haha. then i have my umbrella because England always rains :'( so need to carry just in case. then my geeky glasses haha cant go to college and then not be able to see my work i did that once actually and all my friends had to read to me was hilarious. then my perfume which is paco robanne lady million just for touch up. then my deodorant cant go around smelling of BO can i haha. then i have a few of my make up just so i can touch up while on the go and finally my earphones i travel a lot to town as im quite far out from my local town so need these to get by haha

comment on whats in your bad and do a whats in your bag yourself and i'll look at it :)


Sunday, 8 July 2012

How to fake tan: Fake tanning tips

yes, we have all had our bad fake tanning memories but over the past few years i have come up with which is my best ways of avoiding the situation, so here are my fake tanning tips.

1: always exfoliate!! this is very important as this removes all dead skin which could case streaks.  i advise to use some exfoliating gloves and just a shower gel will do the trick but if you would like to get an exfoliating body wash go ahead :)

2: moisturize specific try spots like elbows, knees the crease of the fingers and the knuckles. nobody likes a streaky elbow do they? so by moisturizing these places will reduce the risk. ohh that sounds fancy haha 

3: use a mitt: this doesn't just stop your hands getting that horrible orange/green colour from applying the fake tan it also helps apply the fake tan more smoothly. i advise use a 3 in 1 mitt i personally use the solkiss 3 in 1 applicator mitt this has a exfoliating side where you can rub of any excess dead skin, the applicator where you apply the fake tan and buffer where you can buff off any excess fake tan, this also comes with a pair of gloves which are handy.

4: use a fake tan which the colour goes straight on this shows you if you have any streaks which you can then correct later on. the fake tans i use which are good for this are, st.moriz lotion or mouse and the sun-kissed mouse

5: finally once the fake tan is applied do not apply your clothes until the fake tan is completely dry, normally fake tans dry quite quickly now so you do not have to wait a long time.

Friday, 15 June 2012

New purchases :)

So I've done a little retail therapy to de-stress me from my busy days at college and work.

My first purchase is this really cute floaty dress from Internationale for only £24.99. I really like this dress as its great for summer and also great for my summer holiday :) this dress is quite short but you could always wear it with leggings if you don't like short dresses. Overall I'm really glad I got this dress because you can wear it on its own with some cute sandals or with leggings and wear some ballerina shoes.

My second purchase is a really casual top from h&m which was only £9.99. I think this is perfect for college or just popping into town with either leggings or black skinny jeans. I can't wait to wear this top and I might wear it for Hallam university open day :)

My final purchase was this gorgeous coral colour maxi dress including a brown belt from select for £12.99. I really love this dress because of the colour and the style. The dress is really simple and comes with a brown belt which shows of your natural curves without being too tight. you can style it up if you thinks it's too simple with a denim jacket and some accessories.

Exposé: Summer Bronze Tanning Moose

I bought this product for 99p from body care and I thought its only 99p why not? I didn't think it would give me a nice tan, I thought it would be very streaky and patchy. When I tried the fake tan i exfoliated with a buffer and then smoothed my skin down with a Solkiss 3 in 1 applicator mitt. I then applied the fake tan all over my body (i advise you do this 2/3 times depending on how dark you want to go as if you only apply one layer the tan is not so great). This tan develops over night/ a few hours, I find when it dries it's still sticky and it is not such a nice feeling but that's like most over night drying fake tans. So my tan then developed and looked great! Yes no streaks or patches. I really loved this fake tan and for only 99p it's a bargain. It also stays on for 2 or 3 days and then you can reapply for a continuing tan.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

my first blog

so this is my first blog, i'll hopefully be doing a few youtube videos and hauls for you guys :)