Thursday, 1 November 2012

Elemis Fresh skin | REVIEW

So i went into superdrug a few weeks ago and there was this lovely lady who offered me some samples and information in the Elemis fresh skin which was launched in 2011 and now superdrug are providing it. The fresh skin range is aimed at teens to mind twenties as we do have such a busy and stressful life our skin isnt always in the best condition , so that's what they did made a skincare range aimed at us!  all the products are formulated with raw ingredients to do just the job.

I haven't tried them all yet but last night i tried the peachy perfect gentle facial wash, deep cleanse purifying face mask and the softly softly daily moisturiser.

Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash
This facial wash is Gentle and not over powering its a clear gel and then when you wash your face it lathers up. It makes your face soft and feels really clean (obviously (; haha) not much else to say on this it does its job and i will defiantly purchase the full size which is £12.00.

Deep Cleanse Purifying face mask
I really loved this face mask, it did my skin wonders and really cleansed it my skin has been in bad condition for a week now since I've been busy and stressed also had a long night out which didn't do it wonders, so this face mask which is fulled with natural clay's  goji berry extract and frankincense oil which draws out impurities also has vitamin E in which softens the skin this really did work and i will be repurchasing these.

Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser 
I wish i liked this but the smell is too overpowering and i had too wash it off and apply my normal moisturiser, it just smells of old peoples perfume to me to floral and overpowering  other people may like the smell but i hated it and wont be purchasing it.

Why do I wear Make up?| TAG

I saw this tag on live laugh lipstick blog and I love doing tag posts as there fun and easy to do. I tag everyone so if you do this tag comment below and I can read them :) 

When did you begin to love make-up??
well I first started to wear make-up when I was about 12 I think but I only started to wear it because everyone else was. I started to appreciate make-up when I was about 15/16 as my skin wasn't in great condition, I loved the fact it could just make your face look good in a matter of minutes. I got obsessed with trying new products and reading about them and then I made my blog.

How do you feel without make-up??
recently I actually don't mind not wearing make-up, I just felt like I need to be okay with my body and if you've read my more personal post you know I've struggled with being okay with my body over the past few years ( so I just thought I would try and be more comfortable with my body and by me not feeling okay without make-up then I'm not and I'm not saying that is for everyone its just how I feel. So I don't mind going out without make-up but i do love make-up and doing it so that is why i use it. but when I was younger I would never leave my room or the house without it and i felt it was unhealthy for me

What do you like about make-up??
I like that you can change your look by just doing your make-up different. or how your make-up can jut make your outfit. it can also make you feel more confident.

Three holy grail items
Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation: I love this foundation as i work in a bakery and when I go to college my foundation always comes off, but this one stays on and still looks like how it was when I first put it on
Sleek Blush in rose gold: This blush is so pigmented and has such a great colour to it which just makes your cheeks pop out.
Rimmel eye brow pencil: any eyebrow pencil really I just love my eyebrows being full and having shape to them so I love the Rimmel one as its easy to apply and has a little brush on the end to make your eyebrows look perfect.