Friday, 15 June 2012

Exposé: Summer Bronze Tanning Moose

I bought this product for 99p from body care and I thought its only 99p why not? I didn't think it would give me a nice tan, I thought it would be very streaky and patchy. When I tried the fake tan i exfoliated with a buffer and then smoothed my skin down with a Solkiss 3 in 1 applicator mitt. I then applied the fake tan all over my body (i advise you do this 2/3 times depending on how dark you want to go as if you only apply one layer the tan is not so great). This tan develops over night/ a few hours, I find when it dries it's still sticky and it is not such a nice feeling but that's like most over night drying fake tans. So my tan then developed and looked great! Yes no streaks or patches. I really loved this fake tan and for only 99p it's a bargain. It also stays on for 2 or 3 days and then you can reapply for a continuing tan.

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