Wednesday, 11 July 2012

whats in my bag??

the whats in my bag tag----

this is everything in my bag, basically use this everywhere college, work or just for a shopping trip. to start with i have my purse of course cant go any where with out your purse haha. then i have my umbrella because England always rains :'( so need to carry just in case. then my geeky glasses haha cant go to college and then not be able to see my work i did that once actually and all my friends had to read to me was hilarious. then my perfume which is paco robanne lady million just for touch up. then my deodorant cant go around smelling of BO can i haha. then i have a few of my make up just so i can touch up while on the go and finally my earphones i travel a lot to town as im quite far out from my local town so need these to get by haha

comment on whats in your bad and do a whats in your bag yourself and i'll look at it :)



  1. lovely post. I live near uni and most of the time only bringing minimal stuff to school besides assignments and notes :))
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. thankyou :) ahh i live far from my college so i take loads with me maybe a little too much hehe, sorry for the late reply been on holiday and only just got this message for some reason :) of course i'll follow you know ;) xx

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