Wednesday, 22 August 2012

all about me tag

hey guys thought i'd  do this tag Rose et Belle did hope you like it :) tag everyone post yours on comments :)

1.Play any sports? nope im not really sporty haha
2.Favorite color? coral or black
3. Favorite thing(s) to do? shop, hang out with my friends, blog and make videos
4. Favorite food? chilli con carne 
5. College yet? yes :)
6. Favorite book(s)? ??? hunger games, look magazines and company magazines
7. What do u draw when u doodle? flowers
8. Have a talent? not really
9. Favorite splurge item? dont really know
10. A secret no one knows? then it wont be a secret :)
11.Favorite drink? fanta
12. What do u spend most of ur time doing? youtube, blogging 
13. Favorite movie? i have a few bugsy malone, the notebook, the hunger games
14. Favorite candy? most of them
15. Favorite singer? demi lovato
16. Favorite ice cream?  mint choc 
17. Got any advice to share? be yourself and dont bother what other people think even thought its harder than just doing it
18. Favorite beauty product? my boots botanic cleanser and toner

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