Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Guess where I've been....Yes its lush and the Christmas stock has arrived so i got a few things :))

The magic wand re-usable bubble bar. this bubble bar is amazing not only does it smell amazing but it makes your bath look amazing. you just move the bubble bar round a running bath and you watch the bubbles form and your bath turn pink. The smell reminds me of snowfairy which is a plus.

Party popper bath ballistic: i haven't used this yet so i cant give a great review but i can say it smells amazing if you like sweet and fruity smells this is for you

Snow fairy shower gel: This shower gel is my favorite of them all it smells amazing and has ting little glitter in it which makes you sparkle on a night out (not too much don't worry) but if you don't like glitter at all then this is probably not the one for you.


  1. please do a review on the bath ballistic when you get chance! so tempted to buy one:)

    i'm having a jewellery giveaway, ends on halloween!

  2. I can't believe i've never tried Snow Fairy before! I MUST buy some this year, I've heard nothing but positive reviews! <3

    1. Honestly it is amazing i could sit and smell it for ages xxx