Thursday, 1 November 2012

Why do I wear Make up?| TAG

I saw this tag on live laugh lipstick blog and I love doing tag posts as there fun and easy to do. I tag everyone so if you do this tag comment below and I can read them :) 

When did you begin to love make-up??
well I first started to wear make-up when I was about 12 I think but I only started to wear it because everyone else was. I started to appreciate make-up when I was about 15/16 as my skin wasn't in great condition, I loved the fact it could just make your face look good in a matter of minutes. I got obsessed with trying new products and reading about them and then I made my blog.

How do you feel without make-up??
recently I actually don't mind not wearing make-up, I just felt like I need to be okay with my body and if you've read my more personal post you know I've struggled with being okay with my body over the past few years ( so I just thought I would try and be more comfortable with my body and by me not feeling okay without make-up then I'm not and I'm not saying that is for everyone its just how I feel. So I don't mind going out without make-up but i do love make-up and doing it so that is why i use it. but when I was younger I would never leave my room or the house without it and i felt it was unhealthy for me

What do you like about make-up??
I like that you can change your look by just doing your make-up different. or how your make-up can jut make your outfit. it can also make you feel more confident.

Three holy grail items
Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation: I love this foundation as i work in a bakery and when I go to college my foundation always comes off, but this one stays on and still looks like how it was when I first put it on
Sleek Blush in rose gold: This blush is so pigmented and has such a great colour to it which just makes your cheeks pop out.
Rimmel eye brow pencil: any eyebrow pencil really I just love my eyebrows being full and having shape to them so I love the Rimmel one as its easy to apply and has a little brush on the end to make your eyebrows look perfect.


  1. great post <3

    like you said i don't feel i have to wear make up all the time, it's just nice to feel good you know. Also i love to spend money on make up :( don't know what it is but buying new make up is so great :p x

    looking forward to your next post!

    Natali xox

    1. I know i love buying new make up too its just so nice to try out something new :) thank you xx

  2. great photos!